Managing Cookies

What are Cookies?

The Cookie…

The Cookie is a small sized text file that the browser stores on the user’s computer for the request of a website. The websites store temporary, but for them important informations.

For example: the visitor’s settings, using this it can identify the user, monitor their browsing activity, and check if the user visited the website before.

Thanks to Cookies the pages appear as usual; in addition we don’t need to log in to Facebook,and Gmail again and again (because the website saves it in the Cookie that we logged in before); furthermore if we put a product in our basket it stays there even if we leave the page and come back later.

Cookies from a third party:

As a third party for example Google can put a Cookie on your computer for advertising and statistics. The purpose of this can be finding advertisements that may be interesting for you, and we may be able to make statisctics of our visitors, and their browsing habits using the website.

Third party Cookies, and other similar programs that our website use:

  • The Google AdWords remarketing service,
  • The Google Analytics service


In case you would like to know about how Google using Cookies on the partner websites, you can read below:

Using Cookies on the website:

Certain Cookies…

Certain Cookies are required for our website too, especially when you visit our website. In case of disabling Cookies, functions that are using Cookies will not work.

If you allowed Cookies in your browser, this means you approved to recieve Cookies from us. In case you deny this, disable the using of Cookies in your browser.

We draw your attention for the Cookies’ goal is making our website more useable, and making their progresses easier. Disabling or deleting Cookies may cause the users not being able to use our website in it’s complete function, or not working as intended.

Using Cookies in the browser:

The Cookies…

The Cookies are being stored by the browser, and being sent back to the website, as long as you are browsing on the website. Approvements of the cookies can be changed in the browser’s settings.

Some browsers allow to use the rules of the Cookies as a site, therefore you can use them more accurately. This means you can disable, delete Cookies from all sites, but those you trust.

There are Cookies that are being deleted as the browser closes, and ones that are being invited everytime you open the same website.

If you would like to know more about changing the setting of the browser, take a look at the browsers instructions and the helper.

The most trending browsers Cookie settings can be found in the links below:

Cookie and Safery:

You don’t have to worry about the Cookies, there is no harm using them, in fact they are very usefull! They are only for making the browsing easier for the visitor.